Ride the Rift Sportive is Proudly 100% Not For Profit

We created this event for two reasons...

One - After the popularity of Running the Rift Marathon, we wanted to show even more people this very special part of the world - and the course we discovered was begging to be a cycled! 

Two - The KCDC. This charity makes a very real difference with very little money. Since it was founded in 2015 it's already helped well over 900 children living with disabilities, and their families, in western Uganda. 

Kyaninga Child Development Centre, Uganda
Kyaninga Child Development Centre, Uganda

The Kyaninga Child Development Centre

With a team of 12 including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and nurses, the KCDC provides support that is otherwise unavailable, travelling out to see children and their families at their homes. 

In Uganda there is often a stigma associated with disabilities. As well as helping the children, the KCDC work to educate communities and get children with disabilities into school and, when they are older, into work.

The Kyaninga Child Development Centre really do change lives, lots of them, and we are privileged to be able to help them continue their work by creating this event. 

Meet the Kids

The kids would love to meet you! We've organised fun and games with them at the lodge, which is also home to Kyaninga Dairy. This is a project started by Steve Williams, the mastermind behind the lodge and one of the co-founders of the charity. The dairy employs local people and, with their herd of 60 goats, makes Uganda's only goats cheese. All profits go to the KCDC. You'll get to meet the goats on your trip too. Meet the Kids x2!

Kyaninga Dairy

You can read more about the KCDC on their website.